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Habt Keine Angst

by Effetto Joule

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  • Lathe Cut Vinyl - Habt Keine Angst
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    We are now acceptng orders for the fortcoming release of Habt Keine Angst by Effetto Joule on Lathe Cut Vinyl. This edition is strictly limited to 10 copies only. We won't be making any more. So please limit purchases to one record per customer.

    This is a pre-release. Records will ship at the latest 29th May but hopefully sooner.

    These are not cheap records because lathe cut are made to order. They are not pressed in a pressing plant. They are individually recorded in real time with a Lathe Cut vinyl machine. Nevertheless If you check around on the web you will find that most lathe cut services charge from 35 to 40 euros per disc without any artwork, plus 8 to 10 euros more for a printed sleeve. I suppose its fairly obvious that our goal is to cover costs rather than make a profit and to offer something unique to synth fans.

    These are for lathe cut collectors or for serious electropop/synthpo/minimal synth lovers and Effetto Joule fans.

    This edition comes with a slightly different take on the artwork.

    The record also includes an insert with detailed descriptions of each track.

    All records and artwork are individually made, by hand, so no two are exactly the same.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Habt Keine Angst via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • Handcrafted Box Set Edition · LP + Single
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    This is a one-off (Yes, limited to one single unit) handmade (crafted, painted, cut, sprayed, stencilled, moulded, stuck) boxset of the Habt Keine Angst lathe cut LP plus the Disaster/ Faraway 7 inch transparent lathe cut single, in a cool black LP box with inserts. This is a one-off. There won't be anymore of these.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Habt Keine Angst via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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  • Cassette Edition
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Numbered and limited to 50.

    This is a limited edition CASSETTE housed in LP style artwork.

    One white cassette.
    One LP cover.
    Two A4 Prints
    Protective plastic sleeve
    First 10 come with a Manufactured Desire Records button badge.

    The LP sleeves are handmade, white, with art by band member F. Biagi.

    Habt Keine Angst is an 11 track album by Effetto Joule, a band with releases on Medical Records (USA) and Mannequin (Italy). This album contained previously unreleased music, with a range of tracks recorded during the 1980s and early 90s. The album highights Effetto Joule's more experimental character with a mix of synthpop and minimal synth.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Habt Keine Angst via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • CD Extended Edition · Habt Keine Angst
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    This is NOT a vinyl LP edition. Just to be clear. But it comes in vinyl-style packaging and artwork.

    This is a 14 track CD, including all the tracks from the original release of Habt Keine Angst, as well as the 2 tracks from the Disaster/Far Away single and a remix of EJ tracks by Le Cliché.

    The CD comes mounted on a decorative vinyl LP, which is placed in a picture-disc style record cover. Again, just to be clear, the vinyl LP is decorative, it doesn't play music.

    This edition includes 5 artwork inserts, including the artwork that came with the original LP and 7 single. Please see the photos for a better idea of what this art package entails.

    All of the original artwork is by the band's own Fabio Biagi. Fabio's images were used to develop this edition.

    There are a number of different colours of disc available, luminous green, silver, white and gold.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Habt Keine Angst via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Elektrodo 01:35
Telephone 02:16
Generator 02:48
Ozonic 02:58
Atlantide 01:24
OHM 01:45
The Void 03:40
Touch Me 02:48
Clero 03:41


ELEKTRODO: A simple introduction to the unreleased demo tape of summer 1987. A slim and electrified atmosphere created with the Korg Poly 800-II small internal sequencer, operated by Valerio B. with overlaid voice pads of the Roland Juno 2, played by Max C. Recorded direct to tape, in a small summer apartment on the hills around Bologna, where the band were on vacation together.

TELEPHONE: Song played in July 1986, revised a few years later with the addition of sonar and sirens from aerial bombings during World War II. A hymn to the telephone that in a few years would become the new and irreplaceable opium of the people. To a bass line from the expander Orla DS-9, we added a drum pattern and an old phone type of disk sliding sound receiver, both samples by the Roland S-330.

GENERATOR: From 1987's with a Roland Boss DR-220 in MIDI-trigger with Korg Poly-800 II's bass line. Flanger in the voice was later added. The bass sequence is played by Flavio B., the no-sense text is sung by Valerio B.

OZONIC: Song born with the name "Atomic" in January 1989, just some days before a promising concert at city Palasport in the province of Ferrara where EJ were greeted by over 150 fans. It was after this concert that the band decided to try record production that resulted in Robespierre in April 1989. Ozonic was subsequently recorded in March 1989 at the Pick-Up Studio of San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna on a Revox 16 track.

COLLINE DI MERCURIO: Electronic experimentation with overlapping patterns of Roland S-330. This was September 1989, the end of the 80s. The new decade ferries in the music through the grunge and every electronic pop sonority, sounds outdated and unwelcome by the public. The EJ pass the time by listening to Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Kraftwerk and Krisma but meanwhile the world goes on.

ATLANTIDE: A very short incipit electro-melodic by Flavio B. from 1991, which is elongated and remodeled at the computer by Valerio B., many years later. Always with the Roland S-330 drums and the oboe of the Roland Juno 1 that Valerio T. often left available in the small Biagi's home studio of the two brothers of EJ.

OHM: A Kraftwerk-style experiment, recorded in January 1988, played only by Valerio B. live and without a sequencer. He wanted it to be the introduction to a solo project called precisely OHM.

The bassline of the Poly 800-II and drums of the Roland Boss DR-220 were added with large amounts of echo by the reverb Roland Boss RRV-10. Like the two previous experiments, the songs remained unpublished until now and never played in public.

THE VOID: Latest musical inventions by Valerio B. in favor of the EJ project, almost closed for years. It was 1997 so we already had Cubase and Flavio B. is studying the operating manual. Meanwhile the old sequencer Solton MDR-16, now only works at times. The music of Valerio B. flounders in a deep flanger effect and the voice tries to reach shades too high to try to get close to sounds of ours musical heroes Ultravox. But it's too tiring to do new songs at this time of life.

TOUCH ME: Winter of 1988. The grey demo tape of 4 songs printed in a limited edition of 200 copies, and simply named Effetto Joule is having great success between acquaintances and friends. Sales are going well and the band accumulates money for new songs to be produced on studio equipment. We decide to record other tracks while "Touch me" is excluded. Valerio B. instead of devoting himself to improving the songs already written, launches into a hyper production of incomplete songs that will soon lead to a depletion of the composition vein, leaving the band with a large number of compositions, but all approximate and incomplete.

CLERO: The Flavio's inspirers were undisputedly Depeche Mode, who since 1990 composed a number of songs performed on piano by Martin L. Gore and were published as B sides of their hit singles. Flavio B. at the piano emulator Roland S-330 inspired by endless listening to Stjarna or Memphisto and composing this dark sonata, thus highlighting a great composing capacity that 1999-2001 that will reach its maximum expression with the MONORAIL project (Electro-lounge-Cinedelic sound).

HABT KEINE ANGST: An excerpt from the first months of 1988 when Valerio B. had bought the entire D.A.F.'s discography (mostly Alles Ist Gut, a Gold Liebe and Fur Immer) and he wanted to recreate the atmosphere for an unborn personal project called OHM. The internal sequencer of the Korg Poly 800-II and drums of the Roland DR-220 are both MIDI-synchronized trigger on. After a couple of months, Valerio B. with the brother Flavio and two friends Valerio T. and Max C. formed Effetto Joule.


released February 8, 2017


all rights reserved



Effetto Joule Italy

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